Samsung rolls out Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update for Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III update
Samsung's Galaxy S III has been given a tag-tastic Jelly Bean update

Samsung has unleashed the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Android update for international Galaxy S III handset users. The "Premium Suite" upgrade includes new features previously seen in the Samsung Galaxy Note II, such as multi-window views, context-aware cleverness and more.

First up, though, is a bunch of contextual features. Contextual photo tagging can automatically apply tags for location, data and weather conditions whether you grab a snap.

A new contextual menu function, meanwhile, helps you quick jump to your most frequently used apps. Then there's Page Buddy. It detects when you plug in headphones and automatically fires up the music player and queues your favourite music.

Galaxy S III update

Split-screen multi-tasking is one of the great new features

Hmmm, upgrades...

Next up are what Samsung calls enhanced features. The biggie here is multi-window. It's basically a split-screen function for running two apps in parallel. How do you like them apples, iPhone 5?

A new reader mode for the web browser helps to maximise readability by cutting out unnecessary interface elements and making the most of the available screen real estate.

Oh, and the new Auto Share Shot pairing function adds proximity photo sharing courtesy of NFC radio. Nice.

You can get the full skinny on the updates in part 1 of the Samsung video below. Keep your scanners peeled for more funky features in part 2.

The Jelly Bean 4.1.2 "Premium Suite" update is being rolled out now for Galaxy S III users in Poland, India, the UK, France, Sweden, Italy, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Algeria are seeing the update.


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