Samsung Mega 6.3 to test our love of big screens and resistance to terrible tech naming

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
The Galaxy Note 2 will soon be the baby brother of the mega range?

Samsung are rumoured to be working on two new large screened phones that will fall under the new Samsung Mega moniker, with 5.8-inch and 6.3-inch screens.

Both of these phones is expected to launch mid-year, according to Samsung fan blog Sammobile. This is several months ahead of the anticipated launch schedule for the also-rumoured Galaxy Note 3.

Upon hearing this juicy skerrick of scuttlebutt, the TechRadar team felt it necessary to reach out directly to Samsung with this message.

"Samsung, it's not too late to change your mind."

Not about large screened phones, of course. These devices are among our favourites in tech right now. We love the Galaxy Note 2 and happily stopped chewing gum to accommodate the enormous handset in our jeans pockets. The very thought of an even bigger Samsung phone makes us weak at the knees.

Constructive criticism

No, we're talking about calling a range of phones 'Mega'. Smartphones are a luxury item, and more than that, they are the one piece of technology that we feel intimately connected to. Calling it Mega will only cheapen that relationship for us. Here's why:

  • Samsung Mega has the wrong mix of vowels and syllables, it doesn't roll off the tongue.
  • Nothing called Mega has been cool since Megatron, and he was a bad guy.

Instead, why not try your hand at making up a word? Motorola had the Atrix, Sony has the Xperia. iPhone seems to have worked pretty well for Apple.

Or perhaps you could stick the letter 'O' in front of Mega and call it the Samsung Omega. That has a ring to it.

Either way, think about your fans before slapping terrible names on your tech. After all, it is us that will be showing off these phones in pubs and cafes, and we want to have a name we can proudly share.