Samsung Galaxy S4 update to install apps to SD hits the UK

Samsung Galaxy S4 update to install apps to SD hits the UK
S4 x 4 = 16GB

Update: Samsung has now confirmed that the update is indeed rolling out to Samsung Galaxy S4 owners in the UK.

Original story continues:

The memory-freeing software update for the Samsung Galaxy S4 that allows users to install apps to SD cards is rolling out across the UK.

The update means that all those memory-hungry apps can be safely squirreled away on the external memory rather than taking up valuable bytes of the handset's measly 9GB of available storage.

Technically, the S4 comes in a 16GB size, but as a BBC Watchdog report pointed out, only around 9GB of that is actually available for users to host their stuff on.

Update time

This software update should ease the pain. However, it's worth remembering that not all apps can be installed to SD so you may still need to allow space for some on the phone's internal storage.

The software update also comes with some camera firmware spruce-ups, gives the S4 the ability to record HDR video and a couple of other bits and pieces like a semi-transparent status bar.

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We're still waiting patiently for Samsung to confirm that the software is rolling out so we can't tell you exactly when you'll get it - it may well be network dependent too - but here's proof that some users, at least, are getting involved.

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