Samsung Galaxy Note 4 now licking Lollipop in Europe

Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Android Lollipop experienced a small delay in its journey to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but now it seems everything is finally coming together.

A report from SamMobile reveals European owners of the Snapdragon version of the handset, the SM-N910F, are receiving the update right now. If you've got one be sure to keep an eye on the update page for when the Lollipop goodness lands.

A problem with the support for Samsung's own Gear VR headset reportedly caused the delay in the update rolling out, but that was never confirmed by Samsung.

The Exynos-powered version of the phablet is currently undergoing a soak test in Poland and is freely available in Samsung's home country of South Korea, so it hopefully won't be long until both versions of the Note 4 are fully up to date with the latest software.

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