Ready to order? AT&T could take yours for the HTC One this week


After camera production delays slowed its roll, the HTC One finally launched last week in a smattering of regions. Now, it looks as though U.S. customers, promised a "before the end of April" release, might be able to punch their One train tickets as soon as this week.

Thanks to an anonymous tipster, Engadget received word that AT&T will open pre-orders for the handset in the coming days. However, the exact date is a little fuzzy. It sounds like "retail channel" pre-ordering will be ready to go on April 5, though online pre-ordering could start April 4.

Aside from the uncertainty over timing, we are getting our first sharp look at the price. According to an internal AT&T system photo, the 32GB One, available both in black and silver flavors, will cost $249.99 on contract.

The 64GB version, pegged as an AT&T exclusive, will go for $299.99, though it may take a little larger to get those extra-gigabytes to market.

Did you say a 64GB exclusive?

Why, yes. Good catch.

Late last week, AT&T posted a promo video in which it stated that the 64GB variant of the HTC One will come as a network exclusive. You can check out the video in its entirety below, but pay extra close attention around the 0:28 mark:

An AT&T spokeswoman reminded us today that the 64GB variant was announced back in February, though a press release from the time didn't make it clear that the 64GB version was a carrier exclusive.

And the others

While Verizon continues to play the silent game when it comes to the One, two other carriers are on board with the supremely well-designed device.

The reinvented T-Mobile will offer the 32GB version of the phone for $99 upfront "later this spring." The price reflects T-Mo's new Un-carrier commitment, though customers must still make monthly payments to actually use the handset.

Sprint, which hasn't engaged in much One chatter, may also chart a singular course.

Some RadioShack marketing materials sent to Phandroid suggest that the handset will cost $199.99 with a Sprint contract. The chain is also throwing in a $10 coupon and a $50 Google Play credit, just because.

This may or may not be the pricing Sprint goes for with its own customers, but if it is then it's markedly cheaper than AT&T's offer. Of course, we can't say for sure until we hear final word from Sprint.

Interestingly, if the One's pricing on AT&T is accurate, it places it in direct competition with the $249.99 Galaxy S4 the carrier will start taking pre-orders for on April 16. Ma Bell hasn't specified which version of the S4 (16GB, 32GB or 64GB) will be tagged with that price, but perhaps we'll see a little number war break out between HTC and Sammy?