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iPhone users overwhelmingly smug

Apple could change the physics of the mobile phone market, according to analysts at Piper Jaffray

So the Apple iPhone doesn't have 3G, doesn't offer full Microsoft Exchange support and doesn't have a proper keyboard. Do iPhone owners care? Absolutely not.

A poll of 200 iPhone owners has found that 90 per cent are extremely happy with their purchase; with 85 per cent also likely to recommend the so-called Jesus Phone to a friend.

"[The findings are] pretty much off the charts," says Jason Kramer, chief strategy officer at US market research firm Interpret which carried out the survey.

Apple reaching new customers with iPhone

iPhone owners also confirmed that longer battery life, more storage and faster internet speeds were on their wishlists. The lack of a physical keyboard wasn't an issue for most.

The iPhone is reaching out to customers that Apple hasn't touched before. Some 30 per cent were first-time Apple customers, and 40 per cent had never owned an iPod.

Interpret - which also questioned 800 other mobile users - found the biggest obstacle that stopped others from buying an iPhone was the price. The need to sign up to an AT&T contract also didn't seem to bother iPhone owners.

The survey results will come as welcome news to Apple . It's expected to announce very shortly that it's sold 1 million iPhones since its launch on Friday 29th June.