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Original iPhone becomes 'vintage' on June 11

Original iPhone becomes 'vintage' on June 11
Ah, how times have changed

Look out for the Primrose Hill set rocking a 2G iPhone after June 11, as the first Apple handset is set to be classified "vintage" as of that date.

At least, that's the case in the US according to this leaked internal Apple document - in the rest of the world, the 2G phone simply becomes obsolete.

What that means is that Apple Stores will stop acknowledging the handset so if there are any issues with your ageing iPhone, you should get them sorted out ahead of the June 11 cut-off.

One more thing...

Also reaching obsolescence on June 11 are the 2005 Mac Mini, 2007 iMacs, the AirPort Express Base Station and a handful of MacBooks.

Apple will stop offering repairs or parts for these products so any post-June 11 issues will have to be dealt with by an unofficial repair outlet.

If you're still using an original 2G iPhone, we salute you. Tell us, how is that going?

From Apple Insider