No iWatch yet, but Apple sees 'significant opportunities' in new product categories

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Apple sold a record number of iPhones last quarter, a figure that barely took the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C into account. But more importantly for consumers, there's still innovation to look forward to from Tim Cook and Co.

During the company's Q4 2013 earnings call, Cook said Apple sees "significant opportunities ahead of us in both current product categories and new ones."

He stuck by his April statement that new Apple products would be out this fall (see here and here) and across 2014, hinting that all-new product categories are likely on the docket for next year.

"In terms of new product categories, if you look at the skills Apple has in hardware, software and services and an incredible app ecosystem, these set of things are very unique," he said. "We obviously believe that we can use our skills in building other great products that are in categories that represent areas we do not participate in today. We're confident in that."

The main suspect is naturally the iWatch, but Apple is suspected of working on its own TV product, generally referred to as the iTV, as well as a gaming device. Cook didn't give any specifics, so it's anyone's guess where Apple wants to stake a flag, but look for an announcement in the new year.

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As for the iPhone, in the three months that ended September 28, the Cupertino crew counted 33.8 million iPhones sold, setting a new September quarter record.

It's a 26% increase over the same quarter last year. While it takes the record 9 million iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C opening weekend into account, the new handsets will contribute to the Christmas quarter as well.

Cook specifically addressed the iPhone 5C at one point, referring to it as Apple's mid-tier handset offering.

"People were reading rumors that the 5C would be our entry phone, but that was never our intent," he said. "Our entry iPhone is the iPhone 4S."

As for the iPad, Apple registered 14.1 million tablets sold, a relative hair over the 14 million sold during the same quarter last year. Apple may be hoping for a merry iPad Christmas, but potentially constrained iPad mini 2 supplies could lead to another flat quarter on the tablet side.

Mac sales totaled 4.6 million, down by 300,000 from last year, and total revenue amounted to $37.5 billion (about £23.2b, AU$39.1b) with $7.5 billion (about £4.6b, AU$7.82b) in net profit.

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