New Samsung Galaxy S3 photo leak is highly dubious

Samsung Galaxy S3 photo leak is highly dubious
About as likely as a flying pig.

We're still waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S3 to grace us with our presence, but here's another photo to whet your appetite for the time being.

Courtesy of Polish site OPDA the latest Galaxy S3 image like does raise suspicions, but at the same time the handset does sport some significant features.

We recently reported that Samsung officials had spent some considerable time deciding whether the Galaxy S3 should have a physical button, with them finally deciding it should - the handset in the image follows this decision.

There's also the suggestion that the Galaxy S3 will display apps in a five column layout and we're pretty sure it will run Ice Cream Sandwich – both of which are confirmed in the photo.

LEAK Samsung Galaxy S3

Credit: OPDA

Hold your horses

Even though there are some consistencies between the rumours and the photo, we feel confident when we say this photo is a fake. Why? Well let us divulge.

As you may have noticed the screen doesn't line up with the handset. Unless Samsung's engineers were drunk while designing the Galaxy S3, it's highly unlikely that this would be the design.

The phone itself looks suspiciously like the original Samsung Galaxy S, with the speaker above and button below the screen elongated.

After the fuss Apple kicked up about the Galaxy S looking just like the iPhone 3GS we don't think Samsung will play that game again.

It's also strange that the apps have been pixelated, suggesting they may have been taken from a screenshot of another device (Samsung Galaxy Note anyone?) – which would have made this image an even more obvious fake.

Want to know what we reckon the S3 will be like? Find out here:

There's still no official confirmation on the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date or specifications, but the hope is that we will see in at the end of May.

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From OPDA via Softpedia

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