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New iPhone 6S leak 'confirms' super-speedy device

New leak further confirm super speed iPhone 6s internet
iPhone 6

The iPhone 6S is expected later this year and is set to have a lot of upgrades on the inside according to a new leak, which suggests it will come with LTE-A Cat 6 support.

China Mobile just revealed details of its new LTE-Advanced network and listed a bunch of the manufacturers who would be producing Cat 6 enabled products to use on the network.

Manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Motorola were included and Apple's logo was also at the forefront – but so far Apple doesn't have any LTE-A Cat 6 enabled products in its line.


Unless someone at China Mobile has really messed up it looks like Apple will be jumping on the LTE-A bandwagon in the near future.

The news comes a week after we saw the Qualcomm-made MSM9635M chip leaked that is rumoured to double internet speeds on the iPhone 6S.

The iPhone 6S is a phone that needs a boost under the hood rather than improvements to the design. We've got our fingers crossed Apple will be offering even better internet speeds on the next iteration even though it'll only work with limited mobile phone networks.