More evidence that the Samsung Galaxy S5 chip aims to ape the iPhone 5S

Galaxy S5 to get a 64-bit chip?

New rumors are again suggesting that the 64-bit chip that sits in the iPhone 5S will be joined by a 64-bit chip inside the Samsung Galaxy S5.

More speculation coming out of Korea appears to back up previous suggestions that the Galaxy S5 might launch a lot earlier in the product cycle than previous Galaxy handsets. Could a January release really be on the cards?

Naver also goes into a little more detail, giving away that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with a 64-bit Exynos processor, as well as an upgraded 16MP camera.

64-bit phones are the future?

Qualcomm recently retracted statements that called the iPhone 5S' 64-bit chip a 'gimmick', which may suggest that it is traveling down that rout itself.

With the 64-bit chip looking likely then, today's rumors also shed a little light on some other features that might show up in the final Galaxy S5 model.

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We hope you still have enough room for a little more salt in your diet, as other suggestions are that a 16MP camera will appear, meaning that the upgraded 13MP sensors that we've heard about might only be the beginning.

Naver also hints at a fingerprint scanner, which wouldn't seem too unlikely given that the HTC One Max just arrived with one - just like the iPhone 5S.

Via PhoneArena