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Watch 100 TV channels on a mobile

Makayama's Pocket Live TV 1.0 software promises 100 TV channels streamed from 10 countries

Windows Mobile device users can now tune into over 100 TV channels from across the world with Makayama 's Pocket Live TV 1.0 software.

Makayama's application for Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices provides a live streaming TV service for channels broadcast over the internet with content from 10 countries. It promises an easy 2-touch interface for selecting countries and then channels. Users can watch programmes on their device using a 3G mobile phone or Wi-Fi connection.

Channels available on the service include the BBC , CNN and Sky News . There is a selection of others from the US, UK, Canada, Germany France, Italy Spain, Russia and the Netherlands as well.

The Pocket Live TV 1.0 application costs £12.95 and can be downloaded from the Makayama website. A free demo of the service is also available. To avoid huge data charges, potential users are recommended to subscribe to an all-you-can-eat or high usage data plan before using the Pocket Live TV 1.0 software.