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MetroPCS teases Galaxy S4 announcement next week

Galaxy S4 MetroPCS Vine
Screencaps from the Vine spell out MetroPCS's complex Galaxy S4 equation

Samsung's much-loved Galaxy S4 will be announced for MetroPCS next week, the carrier revealed today in a social media tease.

MetroPCS posted a video on its official Vine account asking viewers to guess about "a huge announcement coming next week." It carries the hashtags "#samsung" and "#android."

The Vine video shows a Galaxy S3, then cuts to a plus sign, a large number one, an equal sign and finally a question mark.

There's been no official explanation for the video, but it's not difficult to see what they're getting at.

Do the math

The Galaxy S4's arrival on MetroPCS was first hinted at in an FCC filing back in March.

The carrier's main draw is its pay-as-you-go, contract-free plans. With the launch of the S4, which remains a sexy device months after its initial release, the carrier's less restrictive policies are looking more attractive than ever.

But that also means you'll pay more for the phone upfront, as it's not going to be subsidized with your signature on a two-year contract. That's a trade many are willing to make, though.

We'll look forward to the announcement to find out what model of the S4 MetroPCS will carry, not to mention exact pricing and release date.

  • MetroPCS merged with T-Mobile last year, though so far the two brands have remained distinct from one another.

Via Android Community