Mastering Drama Shot on the GALAXY S4 and Note 3

Drama Shot

6. Trial and error

As you may have suspected, a bit of practice comes in handy with a new function such as this, and it may take you a few goes to pull off your first worthwhile Drama Shot.

If, for whatever reason, your first efforts didn't work correctly, it will be obvious from the camera display. If the Drama Shot worked, then you'll see a lovely sequence of multiple exposures apparently moving across the screen, and a reel of the shots across the bottom. If not, then it's time to hit the Cancel button at the top of the screen and have another go.

Drama Shot

7. Select your shots

When it does work, though, it's deeply satisfying – and you will be given a chance to tweak the resulting image to your total satisfaction. This time, you will see a strip of single exposures at the bottom of the screen, some of which have been given green ticks.

Those are the shots which the software selected for use in the Drama Shot. You can fiddle around with them to your heart's content – un-checking the selected ones, and checking the ones the software opted not to use, if you wish. That process can come in handy to eliminate unsightly gurning on your subject's face (or, if applicable, to highlight it). But in our experience, the GALAXY S4 and Note 3's software usually gets its shot-selection spot-on.

Drama Shot

8. Further editing

If you've selected your shots, but still feel a modicum of tweaking is required (for example, to get rid of a bit of blurring), you can launch the GALAXY S4 or Note 3's general picture editing programme by selecting the Edit button at the top of the screen.

Here, you can erase unsightly areas by rubbing the screen or, in the case of the Note 3, make fine adjustments with the S Pen.

Drama Shot

9. Save your shot

Once you're done, you should be left with a wonderful shot that will leave your friends speculating whether you're related to David Bailey.

Which will somehow seem even more wondrous, given that you created it on the fly and in a matter of minutes. So do yourself a favour and don't forget to hit the Save button.

Drama Shot

10. Share your shot

Now don't be shy – pulling off a Drama Shot is an achievement, which you really ought to let the world know about. And a good Drama Shot is bound to become quite a talking point.

So why not go into the Gallery, select your freshly minted Drama Shot and hit the Share button – Drama Shots are what the likes of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter were invented for.