iPhone 3.0 gets AIM with push support

Now you can use AIM on your iPhone without killing the battery

While the Apple iPhone has a whole raft of instant messaging apps, the problem to date has largely been down to the amount of battery power chewed up by having such software open on your iPhone.

No longer. As AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) with Push Notification has finally launched for iPhone, meaning that you can now ping all your mates on AIM or iChat without having the app open all of the time.

Battery-life saver

Which means – if you are a heavy IM'er like we are - that your iPhone's battery life will now be somewhere approaching almost acceptable!

Simply install the new AIM on your iPhone, click to receive Push Notifications (and what type of notification you want, with the sender's details included or not, if you want a sound alert or not and so on) and you are good to go.

There is both a free version of the app on iTunes as well as a non-advertising-supported paid version which you can grab via this iTunes link.

Via Techcrunch.com