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Has Apple found the iPhone Mini's creator?

The iPhone Mini may have a creator
We're expecting some dinky dimensions

In an attempt to balance out its supply chain, Apple is said to be using Foxconn competitor Pegatron for production on a certain budget handset that's been rumoured for some time.

Pegatron, which sounds one of the forgotten Transformers, has actually made some iPhones and iPad Minis for Apple in the past.

According to The Wall Street Journal, it's now being tapped for production of Apple's low-cost iPhone - aka the iPhone Mini (or cheap iPhone) which we're expecting to arrive this year alongside the iPhone 5S.

iPhones in disguise

It's also reported that Pegatron is upping its work force by up to 40 per cent during the second half of this year, adding further fuel to the cheaper iPhone fire.

Last year, a Foxconn chief said that making iPhones for Apple is incredibly difficult, and that keeping up with demand was proving an impossible task.

It looks like Apple may have taken this on board in its decision to share the load a bit more, and while a competitor, it'll mean less of a burden for Cupertino's favourite supplier.