Fingerprint scanning to come to iWatch as well as iPhone 5S?

Fingerprint scanning to come to iWatch as well as iPhone 5S?
Yes, this will help you tell the time

The much-longed-for Apple Watch may come packing fingerprint scanning, according to the latest rumours.

Word on the analyst street is that the fingerprint tech expected to show up in the iPhone 5S could surface in the iWatch too.

Oftentimes we wonder where analysts dredge these rumours up from but this time there's a solid backstory - Brian White was on a tour of China and Taiwan when he met an anonymous component supplier who let him in on a couple of juicy secrets.

White then penned a note for clients of Topeka Capital Markets, which AppleInsider managed to get its fruity little mitts on.

Finger-lickin' secure

In it, White describes the fingerprint scanner as being used for "essential security purposes" - no shocker - including credit card payments.

Going further, he expects the fingerprint scanner to be the main selling point of the iPhone 5S, much like Siri was on the iPhone 4S. So, yeah... form an orderly queue.

But iPhone 5S release date aside, White says that the scanning tech will hit other gadgets too, particularly the iWatch which he anticipates seeing on the market this year after he spotted "early signs of movement in the supply chain".

So, beefed up NFC with fingerprint security. Will that get you parting with your hard-earned cash for a new iPhone or an Apple Watch?

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