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EU scraps massive holiday phone bills

The price of mobile use abroad set to be slashed
The price of mobile use abroad set to be slashed

Those simple folk who blindly decide to use large amounts of data online will no longer be faced with hefty phone bills thanks to EU plans to cap holiday data roaming rates.

The plans will force operators to cut the cost of surfing on holiday (data surfing that is, sea-surfing will still be an open market) to 46p per MB in July 2011, so even a GB of data (around three episodes at average quality) will only cost around £500 should you forget that it costs more to use the mobile 'net abroad.

The cost cutting will be staggered over three years, with the price to fall to around 90p per MB in July this year, 75p in 2010 and all the way down to 46p in 2011.

Cap me up

Mobile users will also be allowed to agree a cap with their mobile provider as well, so the huge bills will likely be a thing of the past.

Texters will also be given a big boost as the cost of sending a text abroad, which can cost up to 75p at the moment for some people, will be dropped to 10p.

Calling from abroad will also be brought down to around 30p per minute in 2011 as well, as well as per second call charges rather than the current rounding up, although mobile operators will be allowed to charge for an initial 30-second call.

The bill goes before the European Parliament's industry committee on 31 March before likely being voted on in full session in April.

Via BBC News