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Dell Venue Pro available for pre-order at £500

Dell Venue Pro
Dell Venue Pro - we don't know why they chose that name either

The eagerly-awaited Dell Venue Pro Windows 7 smartphone has appeared for pre-order on the Expansys website – outlining the final specs for the QWERTY-toting handset and a £500 price tag.

With five handsets already on the market, Dell's offering was always slated to appear sooner rather than later, although we'll be surprised if it does indeed hit the UK release date of 8 November that Expansys suggests.

The Dell Venue Pro brings all the glitz of Microsoft's latest Windows Phone 7 OS with the addition of a keyboard.

Specs appeal

The specs are fairly familiar, with a Qualcomm 8250 SnapDragon 1Ghz processor, 800x400 4.1 inch capacitive screen (we're sure even if Expansys appears less sure) and a 5MP camera with digital zoom, geo-tagging and touch-focus.

For that £500 price tag you will also get 1GB of internal memory expandable through the microSDHC slot.

There is also AGPS, accelerometer, digital compass, proximity sensor and apparently you can use it as a phone as well.

We'll keep you informed if we hear a more definitive UK release date, but we're expecting the Venue Pro from Dell to land a bit closer to Christmas at the moment - but who knows, perhaps it could come early for some Dell-lovers?