BBC Sports app will stream World Cup live

BBC Sports to hit the iPhone this April
BBC Sports to hit the iPhone this April


Due to the BBC Trust still deciding whether the new iPhone app constitutes a change of service, the BBC Sports Results iPhone app will now not be available for the World Cup.

Luckily, we have compiled a list of all the best places to keep up with the World Cup from the office and on your mobile:

Original story

It's been confirmed that the BBC's upcoming Sports Results app for the iPhone and other mobile phone handsets will allow users to stream the World Cup live.

The app is due for release in April for the iPhone – and before June for Android, BlackBerry and Palm handsets – and will combine sports results from the Sports section on the BBC and also radio coverage from the broadcaster's 5Live radio service.

"We are catching up with our audiences, and the same content that we broadcast on television and make available online can now be better enjoyed on the move," said the BBC's Erik Huggers about the new apps.

Clips and news

Even if World Cup games aren't streamed live, those who use the forthcoming BBC Sports application will be able to view archived clips of all the goals scored at the tournament plus whatever other titbits of news the BBC comes up with.

"It's been 12 years since the launch of BBC Online," noted Huggers at MWC. "But as media converges and technology accelerates, licence fee payers are increasingly using sophisticated handheld devices to access information."

Not everyone is happy with the BBC's intention to release apps for phones, however. Today it was announced that the Newspaper Publishers Association is urging the BBC Trust to block any plans the corporation has to release phone applications.

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