Apple reportedly launches retail iPhone trade-in program, US only for now

Apple trade-in program
Here's my iPhone 4S for an iPhone 5 please

Despite having an online recycling store for your Apple devices, rumors of Apple creating a retail trade-in program for its iPhones may have been confirmed.

CNBC claims that Apple is launching its trade-in program today at retail stores nationwide in America, with no word on a worldwide release just yet, though its expected to eventually roll out.

Officially called the "iPhone Reuse and Recycling Program," iPhone users can trade in their older models, like an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4S for a newer iPhone 5 in-store.

We noted earlier that the old phones will be shipped to Brightstar for recycling and 9to5mac has reported the same information adding that Apple is committed to American soil - rather than sending devices overseas for sales, products will be recycled in the U.S.

Apple's fine print

Of course, a few caveats remain with the program - trade-in credit is given as a gift card but the customer must use it at that time and only for an iPhone.

Additionally, they must leave the store with a new contract with the phone activated at time of purchase.

The price you'll get for your old phone will also vary.

Since numbers in the market are constantly changing, there's no telling what amount of money you can get with your iPhone 4S, however CNBC notes that there is a clear appeal with trade-in programs as you'll typically walk away with a bargain.