New iPhone 5 further hinted by Apple's iPhone 4S recycling initiative

Apple iPhone 4S
Get a pretty penny for your iPhone 4S

As if there wasn't enough evidence already that a new iPhone is coming in September, Apple recently began taking back the iPhone 4S as part of a recycling program, further hinting at the iPhone 5's impending arrival.

Apple's "Reuse and Recycling" initiative allows customers to return used devices to Apple for a hefty chunk of store credit.

The devices don't even have to be Apple-made - the program accepts Windows computers, as well.

But normally devices that haven't yet outlived their shelf lives - like the new MacBook Pro with Retina display - are left out of the program, as Apple would rather users hang on to them.

So does the recent addition of the iPhone 4S to the list of devices accepted for recycling indicate that the new iPhone 5 is about to be introduced?

Sure seems that way

Apple is hardly the first company to start offering high trade-in value for the iPhone 4S - Amazon is currently offering a $500 gift card in exchange for the 64GB iPhone 4S.

But the fact that Apple's jumped on the iPhone 4S trade-in bandwagon seems to indicate that even the Cupertino giant is ready to admit that there's a new iPhone 5 coming.

Apple, as ever, is remaining mum on the subject, keeping the entire industry on the edge of its massive, touch screen-equipped seat.

All signs point to September

Nevertheless, everything that's come to light so far regarding the iPhone 5 release date indicates a September reveal.

Rumors continue to point to an iPhone 5 launch at a Sept. 12 event, with the iPhone 5 release coming within the following nine days, though none of that's been confirmed by Apple.

An AT&T ban on employee vacations in the middle of Sept. and ads put out by a German carrier seem to corroborate that theory.

Others speculate on whether the iPhone 5 could launch with new features like near-field communications (NFC) for easy mobile transactions and a dual-core chip.

If Apple is really planning an event for Sept. 12, it had better send out the invites soon.

Via TechCrunch

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