Apple looking at Australian fingerprint technology for NFC mobile payments

iPhone NFC
Apple is looking to make NFC payments more secure

Just as disappointment over the lack of NFC in the iPhone 5 is finally settling down, reports that Cupertino is working on including biosecurity in future iPhones for NFC payments is already making the current generation of Apple smartphone look dated.

According to a report in The Australian, biosecurity firm Microlatch is in discussions with Apple to include its fingerprint technology in future versions of the iPhone.

The technology, which uses patented fingerprint recognition "without the need for central processing or storage", meets stringent banking security standards and is set to work in conjunction with NFC payments for a safer digital wallet experience.

The revelation of Apple's plans comes courtesy of former Commonwealth Bank of Australia boss, David Murray, who is a lead investor in the Australian biosecurity startup.

Security is key

This announcement about Apple's focus on mobile security follows the company's acquisition of mobile security company Authentec in July for $US356 million.

With a focus on fingerprint security through both the Authentec and Microlatch deals, it seems evident that Cupertino is destined to incorporate some form of biometric security on future iOS devices, a decision that is sure to win it popularity in the corporate world.

It also shows that NFC is clearly seen as a mobile payments solution, with technology like fingerprint authentication overcoming the security fears surrounding smartphone payments.

Whether the technology will arrive in the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6 is anyone's guess though.

Via: The Australian (paywall)

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