Apple has been secretly perfecting dual-lens cameras for the iPhone


The cameras that Apple has included in its iPhones have long been lauded as the best in class but it looks like the Cupertino company has no intention of resting on its laurels. It appears Apple has been working diligently on a dual-lens solution for future handsets.

We've heard rumours of Apple looking into dual-lens cameras before, and now the CEO of Altek, a company that creates dual-lens cameras for HTC and Huawei, has claimed that Apple has spent the last three years testing dual-lens camera systems for iPhones.

So how come we haven't seen an iPhone with a dual-lens setup yet? Apparently Apple has encountered a number of technical issues, such as blurred images, which has prevented it including the cameras in devices.

Blurred vision

According to a report published by BusinessWeekly Taiwan, Apple's recent acquisition of LinX technologies has apparently provided a method to fix the blurring issues.

Another aspect holding back dual-lens cameras in iPhones is apparently the popularity of Apple's handsets, as no manufacturer has so far been able to produce the systems in the quantity Apple needs.

According to the report this has also been rectified, so we might see the fruits of Apple's dual-lens labours pretty soon, though it still might not be ready for this year's rumoured iPhone 6s.

We've reached out to Apple regarding the Altek CEO's claim.

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