Acer giving Windows Phone the cold shoulder until more apps are available

Acer W4 Allegro
Acer will wait on Windows Phone

Avoiding Microsoft's smartphone platform until more of your favorite apps are available? Turns out at least one smartphone manufacturer feels the same way and plans to sit on the sidelines until Redmond gets its act together.

The Inquirer got the word straight from Acer that while it may have a cozy relationship with Microsoft when it comes to Windows 8 notebooks and tablets, it believes Windows Phone 8 has much longer odds for success.

Acer Vice President of EMEA Allen Burnes, a former Motorola veteran, said his company "can't take the risk" on further Windows Phone devices until consumers have a better selection of apps at their fingertips.

"There are a whole bunch of elements around the application space which need fixing, which for us, is a a big deal," Burnes elaborated, referring to the situation as "no good for consumers."

Show us the market

The Acer veep apparently has the numbers to back up such tough talk, having released a single ill-fated Windows Phone handset back in late 2011, the Acer W4.

While Windows Phone currently enjoys more than 10% market share in Europe, growth there appears to have stalled, and Microsoft is apparently going to have to find a way to increase that number to at least 15% in order to get Acer interested again.

"The fact is, until people start talking about the great experience you can have on Windows Phone, we can't go in on it," Burnes said.

In the meantime, Acer appears fully committed to Android smartphones, despite the company getting in to bed with Redmond when it comes to Windows-powered tablets and PCs.

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