PC Gaming Show at E3 2017: The announcements we’re most excited to see

Ready for round three of PC gaming goodness at this year’s E3? The third annual PC Gaming Show, run by our pals over at PC Gamer and sponsored by Intel, is hitting the Theatre at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles on Monday, June 12 at 10am PDT, and promises to show off the most exciting titles heading to your rig in the next few months.

From fantasy RTS sequels to 4K Hunger Games-alikes, read on for the announcements we’re most excited to see at the PC Gaming Show at E3 2017.

Total War: Warhammer 2

Whether you had a back bedroom full of painted miniatures, or just consider yourself the high wizard of armchair war tactics, Total War: Warhammer was a fantastic fantasy RTS, complete with all the depth you’ve come to expect from the historically-leaning Total War titles.

Total War: Warhammer 2 promises to expand upon the original in the best way possible – by adding dinosaurs. Well, “carnosaurs” and lizardmen to be precise. And who doesn’t love a good dust up with a lizardman on a Friday night?

There will be a host of new races, a new campaign map, and the promise to combine the map from the original with the new if you own both Total War: Warhammer games. Expect all new details to be showed at the PC Gaming Show.

Halo on Windows?

Microsoft is pushing its ‘Xbox Play Anywhere’ service hard. Buy select titles for your Xbox One, and they’ll be available to play on your PC at no extra cost, and vice versa. 

After getting off to a shaky start (some of the early titles weren’t as well optimised for PC play as they could have been), Microsoft’s been quietly improving the concept, as it looks to bring its Xbox and Windows worlds ever closer together.

Now all it needs is a big-name mega title to drum up mainstream interest in the idea. Could we finally see Halo return to PC? We already know Halo 6 is coming to Windows, and could potentially make an appearance at the show. But is there a chance we could get the complete franchise making the jump to PC with an Xbox Play Anywhere version of the Master Chief Collection, too?

Playerunknown Battlegrounds

The Hunger Games without all the teen angst, DayZ without the zombies, Playerunknown Battlegrounds has become the surprise king of the Battle Royale hill. 

Forcing competing players into uncomfortably close proximity on an ever shrinking map, it’s shooter that has sat comfortably near the top of the Steam charts for months.

Hitting the PC Gaming Show in its stride then, the in-development game has the chance to go overground. Could it introduce new maps and server options? Or simply refine its rough-around-the-edges presentation? Either way, its presence at the show will boost the player base, and give this great title some much deserved exposure.


With the asymmetric and class-based hero shooters taking over the first person shooter space, can Cliff Bleszinski’s Lawbreakers hit the target? 

On display again at the PC Gaming Show, it’s been accused of lacking personality, even if the signature chunky combat we’ve come to expect from the Gears of War creator is present and correct.

It’s been a long old trek for Lawbreakers, with well over a year’s worth of alpha and beta builds under its belt. Could we finally be approaching a complete Overwatch competitor? Pop in a few weapons as good as Gears’ chainsaw machine gun and we’ll be all ears again.

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