Oh no: Netflix will inflict Tiger King season 2 on us all very soon

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Netflix has revealed that Tiger King season 2 exists – and it's coming this year. The news broke in a tweet from the streamer, which appears to show a picture of the series' subject, Joe Exotic, talking from prison. 

No more specific release date is revealed for Tiger King season 2, but since we've already seen what Netflix has coming in October 2021, we can only assume this show will drop in November or December.

Check the tweet out below, and remember that it's definitely not April 1st:

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Numerous follow-ups to the Tiger King story have sprung up in the time since the documentary aired, including Louis Theroux's Shooting Joe Exotic released in April. We've also been threatened with a potential dramatic adaptation starring Nicolas Cage, but Amazon dropped the show back in July, which is probably for the best.

Tiger King is a documentary that told the story of Joe Exotic, a big cat owner in Oklahoma, whose feud with big cat park owner Carole Baskin escalates over the course of the series. He eventually lands a lengthy jail sentence for a murder-for-hire plot targeting Baskin. He unsuccessfully lobbied to get former President Donald Trump to pardon him (2020: never again).

Ostensibly a true-crime series, to most viewers Tiger King will make them think of the exact, awful moment when the pandemic took hold of our lives and we all needed something to distract ourselves from the horror. It was extraordinary and compelling, even if the treatment of the animals was a secondary focus to the more preposterous elements of Joe Exotic's life. 

It was followed up by a cheap, low-quality reunion show hosted by Joel McHale shortly after release. 

So, with all that in mind, roll on season 2!

Analysis: too late?

Netflix hasn't really revealed much about season 2 – we glimpse Joe Exotic in jail, and a brief shot of Carole Baskin. But it likely won't be long until we learn more about what Netflix has in mind for this follow-up.

It's no surprise that a second season is coming: 64 million households tuned in to the first one inside a month. Seriously, there was nothing better to do at the time.

It's unclear how much the story will have advanced since the show released last year. A bigger question is how much people will actually care about season 2 – it all depends on the story it wants to tell. The show's perspective arguably leaned too much into the silly or shocking stuff, which is all anyone is likely to remember after watching it.

For Carole Baskin, she described it as like watching a "dumpster fire" to The Guardian late last year. 

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