Nintendo unveils a brand new Pokemon in possible Let's Go crossover

Pokemon Go Meltan

Nintendo's official Pokemon Twitter account heated up today with a surprise tweet pointing to a brand new creature, with hints of a possible crossover event planned between the Pokemon Go mobile AR game and upcoming Let's Go: Pikachu and Eevee entries for Nintendo Switch.

Rumors surfaced earlier this week of a new nut-shaped Pokemon appearing on player's Pokemon Go apps at a community event in Japan. The Pokemon was simply named '???', and would transform into a regular Ditto when captured.

The Pokemon Twitter account has now released a short video featuring Professor Oak and his Pokemon Go equivalent, Professor Willow – clarifying the new creature is a 'mythical' Pokemon called Meltan, which Oak recognises from an 'ancient text'.

The video ends with references to the Pokemon Let's Go games, releasing in November later this year, and the Pokemon Go app that Meltan first appeared in.

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I feel it coming

Given the trading functionality we know is coming between the mobile and Switch entries, it makes sense that Nintendo could be planning a crossover event centered around the new Pokemon.

The Pokemon Let's Go games are something of a reset of the original Kanto games, so the introduction of some new creatures and mythologies could do much to make it feel like a distinct entry. 

Or is this is the start of a whole new generation of Pokemon? With the tweeted video promising 'to be continued...' we assume we'll be hearing more soon.

Henry St Leger

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