Nintendo Switch deals cut the console down to £251 this weekend

Nintendo Switch deals
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Looking for the best Nintendo Switch deals in the UK? Good news: there are two deals on the Nintendo handheld/home console hybrid worth highlighting this weekend. 

At eBay right now, using the voucher code PURCHASE20 on this Nintendo Switch at checkout drops the price down to £251.19, almost £30 less than the retail price. We've tested the code to make sure it works – but we can't guarantee how long stock will be around, so act fast if you want it.

Elsewhere, Currys has another great deal on a Nintendo Switch this weekend, bundling together the console with the recent Super Mario 3D All-Stars compilation of games for £299. Now, the eBay deal is better in terms of money saved, but there's not much in it – the Mario game retails for around £45 by itself, so they're each worth a look. These are some of the best early Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals we've seen so far.  

These are both going to be topped by Aldi on November 27, though, when it'll sell the console for £229.99 – though that's likely to sell super fast, too.

Here are the Nintendo Switch deals you can enjoy in the UK right now:

Best Nintendo Switch deals today

Nintendo Switch: £314£251.19 at eBay

Nintendo Switch: £314 £251.19 at eBay
The code PURCHASE20 saves you 20% on Nintendo Switch at a variety of stores this week at eBay – in this case, it gets you the Nintendo Switch for significantly less than its RRP. Expect this to sell fast, considering the Switch has been hard to find at its usual £280 RRP all year. If this one sells out, browse the Nintendo Switch listings until you find another that's compatible with the coupon. 

Nintendo Switch with Super Mario 3D All-Stars: £325£299 at Currys

Nintendo Switch with Super Mario 3D All-Stars: £325 £299 at Currys
We're seeing a bunch of early Black Friday bundles on the Switch in the UK, but this is one of the best. Get three classic Mario 3D games, including the terrific Super Mario Galaxy, as well as Nintendo's mega-hot hybrid handheld/home console for under £300.

The Currys bundle is great because it comes with a game that's actually worth owning – this is not always the case with Switch bundles. This particular collection of Mario games features three classics from the Nintendo archive – Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. It's a great way to kick off your collection of games for your new system.

More Nintendo Switch deals

Not in the UK? No problem. We've run a quick price comparison chart on the Nintendo Switch where you are below.

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