New Samsung 8K TVs just got a discount – but you'll have to act fast

(Image credit: Samsung)

The 2020 range of Samsung 8K TVs just got its first discount, with a 10% saving currently applying to Samsung's three new 8K models for a limited time.

The promotion is running until July 15, up until which point buyers will be able to net the Q950TS 8K QLED flagship – or one of its lower-spec Q900TS / Q800TS siblings – for 10% off the original retail price.

10% may not sound like a lot, but given the high price tags for 8K televisions, it actually marks a good few hundred pounds off the asking price.

8K, or not 8K

The Q950TS 8K QLED is the most impressive of the lot, and would usually cost £5,999 for its smallest 65-inch size, or £11,999 for its largest 85-inch model – both now with a £599 and £1,199 saving respectively. With a zero-bezel display and OTS+ sound system, as well as 8K resolution images, you'll certainly getting a lot for your buck.

The Q900TS is the next step down, shipping without a Samsung OneConnect box or a the same all-screen design. The Q800T is the cheapest new 8K TV, starting at just £3,999 for a 65-inch size for a lower-specified model – though it will now be even cheaper with a £399 saving.

8K TVs still aren't necessary purchases, by any metric, but for forward-looking enthusiasts wanting to experience the next generation of TV resolution, these new Samsung sets will get you there for that little bit less than before.

Henry St Leger

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