Moto G8 Plus benchmark reveals key specs hours ahead of its likely launch

The Moto G7 Plus (Image credit: TechRadar)

There have been enough Moto G8 Plus leaks that we’re fairly confident it’s coming, but if there was any doubt, the phone has now been mentioned by name in a benchmark.

In a Geekbench 5 listing, a phone dubbed the ‘motorola moto g(8) plus’ has appeared with Android 9, 4GB of RAM and likely a Snapdragon 665 chipset. We say ‘likely’ because the chipset is listed here as ‘trinket’, but that word has previously been used in Geekbench for Snapdragon 665 devices.

If accurate, that would mark the Moto G8 Plus out as lower end than some phones in the Motorola One range (the Motorola One Zoom for example has a Snapdragon 675 chipset), but higher end than the Snapdragon 636-packing Moto G7 Plus.

(Image credit: Geekbench)

The listing also includes benchmark scores, with the Moto G8 Plus getting a 314 single-core score and a 1,264 multi-core one. That’s in line with what we’d expect. The Motorola One Zoom for comparison managed a 478 single-core result and a 1,312 multi-core one in our tests.

As ever, we’d take this listing with a pinch of salt. It could be fake, and even if this really is a result for the Moto G8 Plus, the scores from a single benchmark aren’t always representative. That said, both the scores and specs are around what we'd expect, so they're believable.

The Moto G8 Plus might shortly be unveiled, which also makes it more likely that this benchmark is accurate. Motorola is holding an event in Brazil later today (October 24) and there’s a high chance it will use the event to launch the G8 Plus – likely alongside the standard Moto G8.

Via GSMArena

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