Moon Knight episode 2 Easter egg teases a possible Eternals team up

Steven Grant confronts Marc Spector in Moon Knight episode 2 on Disney Plus
Is Moon Knight set to partner up with a character from Marvel's Eternals movie? (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Spoilers follow for Moon Knight episode 2.

A Moon Knight episode 2 Easter egg has teased the possibility of a team up between Oscar Isaac's masked vigilante and a character from Marvel Studios' Eternals.

The latest episode in the Marvel Phase 4 TV show has just landed on Disney Plus. And, while the mystery's puzzle pieces are now largely falling into place, you may still have some questions about what is actually going on. Those queries are set to be answered soon. We should know – after all, we've seen the first four episodes of Moon Knight, which was required viewing to produce our spoiler-free review

But, there's one specific scene in the show's second episode that piqued our interest when we watched it for the first time. And, at the time of writing, we don't know if this specific Easter egg is just a subtle nod to Moon Knight's comic book history, or if he'll actually partner up with someone we saw in Eternals, i.e. one of the most poorly received Marvel movies to date.

Before we explain where you can find this Easter egg, a word of warning: we're about to dive into spoiler territory for Moon Knight episode 2 after the image below. If you haven't seen the latest instalment yet, bookmark this page and come back once you've finished it.

Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow stares at his magical cane in Moon Knight

Arthur Harrow wants to know all about that Moon Knight episode 2 Easter egg, too. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Still with us? You'll want to know where this Moon Knight episode 2 Easter egg can be seen. The teaser can be found during the scene where Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) is trying to track down the storage unit owned by one of his other personalities, aka Marc Spector (also Isaac). 

Cast your mind back to episode 1 when Steven found Marc's secret mobile phone. When he unearths the flip phone, he also finds a storage unit key – complete with a white and red keyring with the letter 'J' on it – alongside it.

Steven couldn't get any answers out of Layla (May Calamawy) when she spoke to him on Marc's phone. And, after his shock encounter with an Egyptian jackal in episode 1's final moments – which results in Marc's alter-ego, i.e. Moon Knight, emerging to save the day – Steven (and you, by proxy) has more questions than answers. Where should he look next for clues about Marc/Moon Knight? Yep, the storage unit that Marc owns.

As we see in episode 2, Steven eventually tracks down the right building that houses Marc's containment unit. The on-duty guard leads him through the storage facility, and even kindly unlocks Marc's secret storehouse for Steven. It's here where that possible Eternals Easter egg is hiding in plain sight.

Oscar Isaac's Marc Spector looking scared in the Moon Knight TV show

Steven Grant may have discovered an Eternals Easter egg in Moon Knight episode 2. (Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

Before the guard walks away, you'll see that Marc's storage unit is labeled with the number '43'. 

Sure, this may look like an ordinary two-digit figure that simply denotes which of these lockers belongs to Marc. However, we can use the number 43 to unearth a possible Eternals team up with Moon Knight. A simple online search for Moon Knight issue #43 leads you to a comic book – released in August 1992 – that contains a reference to a specific character who appeared in Eternals.

So, who is it? It's none other than Black Knight, aka Dane Whitman, who was portrayed by Game of Thrones' Kit Harington in the 2021 Marvel movie.

Given that Moon Knight and Black Knight have fought alongside each other multiple times in the comics, this number 43 reference can't be a coincidence. Okay, yes, Moon Knight #43 wasn't the first time that the duo teamed up to take down a common enemy, but it's an interesting inclusion nonetheless.

Why is this important, then? Eternals' mid-credits scene holds the answer. After Sersi is kidnapped by the Celestial known as Arishem the Judge, Harington's Whitman vows to rescue her. Before doing so, though, he has to work up the courage to unsheathe the Ebony Blade, a mystical sword passed down through generations of his family, which grants its wielder the power to become the Black Knight.

Just as Whitman goes to lift the blade for the first time in his British Museum office, however, he's stopped when a mysterious voice calls his name from off-screen. That voice is none other than Mahershala Ali (Moonlight, Luke Cage), who has been cast as Blade for Marvel Studios' upcoming solo movie about the vampiric anti-hero.

To cut a long story short, Blade and Moon Knight have battled the forces of evil together as part of the supergroup called the Midnight Sons. This superhero team is one that Isaac namedropped in Moon Knight interviews ahead of the Disney Plus show's release, with the Dune and Star Wars actor expressing interest in seeing a live-action Midnight Sons MCU movie.

With Marvel Studios starting to explore into the MCU's mystical and supernatural side – Doctor Strange 2, Moon Knight, and Blade are three such projects – there's every chance that we could see Moon Knight, Blade, and even Black Knight join forces to defeat a world-ending foe in the future. To do that, the former pair need another hero to connect them. In Black Knight, they share a common link.

Whose to say, then, that this Moon Knight episode 2 Easter egg isn't hinting at the trio collaborating down the line? Yes, we suspect that some of you will think this Easter egg is a bit of a stretch, but we certainly think it hints at something. After all, as much as Isaac and company claim that Moon Knight sits apart from every other MCU production to date, it must tie to other Marvel movies or TV shows somehow. Either way, we'll find out soon enough.

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