Metal-backed iPhone 5 to have antenna in Apple logo?

This looks a bit old school, but we could see Apple return to metal casing for the iPhone 5

The latest iPhone 5 rumour sees the much-anticipated smartphone doing away with the glass back of the iPhone 4 and opting instead for a metal backplate.

And that's not all; the illustrious Apple logo is also said to be getting a new role; that of an antenna.

The rumour mill suggests that the new logo will be made of resin, integrating with the Wi-Fi, cellular and other radio antennas on the handset.


This interesting new approach could see Apple counteracting the dreaded death grip which the side-mounted antenna suffered from.

Other reasons for the updated design, according to the sources, include the painting difficulties for the near-mythical white iPhone 4 which centre around the glass form, as well as to improve durability.

The sources also suggest that the iPhone 5 will be unveiled in June or July (countering rumours of a delay) and feature the same dual-core A5 processor as the new iPad 2.

Via SlashGear and Makotakara