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Konami's first 3D game is for mobile phones

Mobile Powerful Pro Baseball 3D
Mobile Powerful Pro Baseball 3D

Gaming giant Konami has announced its first 3D game, but instead of waiting for Nintendo's 3DS to launch it is pushing out Mobile Powerful Pro Baseball 3D for phones.

It will be some time until we see the 3D phones arrive in this country, but electronics giant Sharp is releasing Galapagos 3D Android handsets in Japan, and Konami are keen to cater for the screen.

Mobile powerful pro baseball 3d

Sharp actually make the autostereoscopic screen used by Nintendo's 3DS, so Konami may well view this as a fine way to practice the technology ahead of the launch of the next-gen handheld console.


And in the meantime, those who are prepared to bring a third dimension to their mobile phone screen will be getting the snappily named Mobile Powerful Pro Baseball 3D pre-installed.

The Sharp 3D phones are packing a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, Android 2.2 and a 3.8 inch 800x480 resolution screen.

With a PSP phone, also running Android, set to make its appearance, it is certainly an interesting time for mobile gaming – and the line between traditional video gaming and mobile phone gaming is now thinner than your wallet after all that Christmas spending.