Sky Bet: Why we pulled our iPad 3 betting

Sky Bet: Why we pulled our iPad 3 betting
iPad 3 - on the way

Sky Bet has explained to TechRadar just why it pulled the betting on possible iPad 3 specs, admitting that it had seen heavy betting from technophiles who felt confident that they knew just what would be announced.

With the Apple iPad 3 launch just days away, UK betting company Sky Bet opened a book as to what specs we will see in the next generation device, but quickly decided to pull out of the special market.

"Within a half an hour of the markets opening we took a flood of money including a string of very chunky three-figure bets," Sky Bet's Helen Jacob told TechRadar.

"If the money is correct, then the new hardware will definitely not have a new carbon fibre casing, will not be called the iPad 2S and will have 128GB of storage!"

Odd situation

The betting company had previously insisted that the secrecy around the product allowed it to offer up odds, despite the wealth of iPad 3 rumours floating around.

But clearly the might of the technophile quickly made it clear to the company that offering odds on a gadget that we've been writing about for months might not be the best plan.

We bet they're hoping that Apple surprise us all and offer up the iTV or an iPad 2S with 16GB of storage and a carbon fibre case.

See all the rumours, leaks and gossip about the new iPad 3/2S in our round-up video below:

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