Samsung welcomes Windows 8 Ativ PCs

Samsung Smart PC
Windows 8-powered Smart PC

Say hello to Samsung's new Windows 8-powered PCs.

The South Korean company shared its plans for a whole line of Smart PCs, tablets and smartphones running the new OS at IFA Wednesday, and first off the docket are a pair of new PCs.

Named "Ativ," Samsung introduced its new brand and new keyboard-optional slates at the Berlin conference.

A play on "vita" - Latin for "life" - Samsung said it's aiming to make everyone's life a little easier with its new consumer-friendly Windows 8-powered devices.

From Samsung's perspective, the marriage of its design and technology with Microsoft's operating system is a match made in heaven.

Brains and beauty

First up for Samsung are its notebook/tablet hybrids, the Smart PC and Smart PC Pro.

Slated at 11.6-inches, the devices have Windows 8 functionality with full Windows 7 compatibility. The Ativ Smart measures 9.9mm while the Pro is a slightly bulkier (though that's not saying much) 11.9mm.

Each device features a detachable keyboard/docking system designed for a quick switch from clamshell notebook PC to tablet.

The touchable tablets also sport a 10-finger multi-touch screen, meaning users can get their other eight digits in on the action.

Adding another mode of manipulation, the Smart PC and Smart PC Pro each come with a S-Pen, making things like handwriting and drawing (and doodling) a viable option. They even come with a preloaded S Note feature, which Samsung says makes the whole S-Pen process a breeze.

Other features

S Camera accompanies a fully integrated front and rear camera, while users can watch seamless playback of the pics and vids they shoot thanks to S Player. Those images should pop thanks to the PCs' SuperBright Full HD LCD display.

The Smart PC Pro runs on an Intel Core i5 processor while the Smart PC has a next-gen Intel Atom processor.

The Pro features two USB 3.0 ports while its counter part has a USB 2.0. Both come with mHDMI, miniSD and two extra USB 2.8 ports on the keyboard.

With 13.5 hours of battery life, the Smart PC outdoes the Pro by a few hours - the stronger of the two only runs for eight hours.

TechRadar will have more Samsung news as it unfolds.

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