New Nexus 10 appears with LG stamp and November 22 launch date

New Nexus 10 appears with LG stamp
It's going to look really weird with that massive LG logo, isn't it?

Google's 2013 Nexus 10 might be built by LG and could arrive as early as November 22.

That's according to a couple of pictures apparently leaked from someone at Spanish telecom bod Telefonica, which surfaced on Reddit, showing a tablet named the LG-V510.

Telefonica has denied having any knowledge of the pictures to Pocket-lint, but the choice of manufacturer isn't a huge surprise given that previous leaks have suggested a similar move away from Samsung and over to LG.

One of the pictures appears to be taken from O2 and outs a price of £299 (about $482 or AU$512), most likely for the 3G variant.

Launch time

There's not an awful lot more to tell from the pictures but we can see that the tablet will come with the Google experience launcher as seen on the Nexus 5, as well as a front speaker.

This could all be a whole load of faked nonsense, of course, and we weren't given anything on the specs, but it does chime with what we've already seen.

November 22 is just around the corner, so we're sure to discover the truth very soon.

Hugh Langley

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