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HP Slate 500
HP Slate 500 - Win? (7)

Another video of the HP Slate 500 tablet has appeared online, with the eagerly anticipated mobile computer shown off in a four-minute showcase.

The Windows 7 toting slate is shown in all its glory, with the video showing off the soft keyboard and the functionality of Microsoft's OS.

The whole concept of Windows 7 on tablets still splits the TechRadar office, although the ViewSonic dual-boot tablet went down better.


Windows 7 is certainly more scalable and touch-friendly than its predecessor, but there are still many who would question if it is well-suited to a touch-only environment.

The Slate 500 has been rearing its head since it was announced back in January at CES 2010.

In July, the HP website ran a page that talked about the Slate 500, revealing more details.

Fun mood

"No matter where you are or what kind of fun you're in the mood for, the HP Slate 500 is all you need, said the page.

"Exclusive HP software gives you access to photos, videos and everything on the Internet with just a touch, while Windows 7 Premium gives you the power to do what you want.

"The unique design and 22.6 cm (8.9") screen put the full Internet in your hands, while two cameras (video and still) let you capture life as it happens or participate in web conferencing.

"Adjust the screen orientation to fit your content and use the pen to write or draw as if on a piece of paper. Whatever you want to do, the HP Slate 500 helps you do it – and makes it more fun too."

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