Kindle Voyage sets sail as the thinnest, brightest Amazon e-reader to date

Kindle Voyage

Amazon is out to redefine e-readers yet again with the new Kindle Voyage, a thin and light electronic booklet that won't break the bank.

The Voyage is Amazon's thinnest to date, measuring 7.6mm and weighing less than 6.4 ounces. The Kindle Paperwhite measured 9.1mm thick and weighed 7.3 ounces, to give you an idea.

Retailer listings for the Voyage surfaced earlier in the day, and it turns out it was only a matter of time before this e-reader showed its face.

It's up for pre-order now on Amazon for $199 or £169 (cAU$221), and the Kindle Voyage release date is scheduled for October 21 or November 4 in the UK.


Utilizing a new Paperwhite display, the Voyage counts 300 pixels (the Kindle Paperwhite has 212ppi) in every inch of its 6-inch display. Amazon claimed it has highest marks in three area: resolution, contrast and brightness (39% brighter, thank you very much).

On-board storage measures 4GB, and you should have plenty of time to read all your titles as a single charge can last up to six weeks.

The front light is adaptive, meaning it can be personalized to everyone's reading light preferences. What's more, the display will dim after 30 minutes in a darker setting as the human eye eventually gets used to the darkness.

The Kindle Voyage comes stacked with a new page turning called PagePress. PagePress makes use of a specialty force sensor located right under the e-reader's bezel. Rest your thumb on the bezel, and the page will turn as you lightly press down.

Haptic feedback lets you know the page is actually turning, and both the feedback vibration and amount of pressure needed to turn a page can be personalized.

Amazon is offering free 3G with the new slate as well as a new Origami cover designed just for the tablet.

New old Kindles

The cheap Kindle also got a touch-up, literally, as it now supports your fingers pressing and swiping along its display. The e-reader also now features a 20% faster processor and double the storage, up to 4GB.

Priced at $79 or £59 (cAU$88), the new Kindle is also up for pre-order and will launch October 2.

The Kindle Paperwhite, meanwhile, also doubled up on its storage, probably so it wouldn't feel left out.

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