The Kindle Voyage could be Amazon's Paperwhite killer

Is Amazon planning on an update to last year's Kindle Paperwhite?

Leaks about upcoming devices can come from all over the internet and sometimes even the manufacturer's own website.

This appears to be the case with Amazon's German and Japanese stores accidentally listing a new Kindle device, named the Kindle Voyage.

The web pages have since been taken down, but they were up long enough for us to glean some interesting facts about the new Kindle.

From the information seen while the web pages were still up it appears that a new Kindle device would have a 300ppi (pixels per inch) display, up from the 212ppi of the Kindle Paperwhite.

With dimensions of 112x116mm and a 8mm thickness, the Kindle Voyager would also be thinner and smaller than its predecessor.

When, Voyager?

Even more interesting is that the pages also hinted at prices, with $190 (around £116, AU$210) for the WiFi-only model and $250 (around £153, AU$276) for the 3G-enabled device.

It also claimed that the release date of the new Kindle Voyage will be November 4.

Giving weight to these leaks is information found on yet another Amazon website, this time the Spanish support page, which had replaced some references to the Paperwhite with the name Kindle Voyage, though these references have since been changed back.

It looks like we might not have too long to wait to find out if a new Kindle is being released.

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