In pictures: India's $35 tablet

India's £23 tablet - although it's unlikely to ever go on sale in Britain
India's £23 tablet - although it's unlikely to ever go on sale in Britain

Indian TV has been treated to a look at the $35 dollar tablet that has brought huge interest from the tech world.

The Indian government announced that it is ready to seek manufacturers for its device, with Minister Kapil Sibal insisting that the pricing is not the result of wishful thinking.

The video from NDTV gave us our first look at the planned form-factor and UI of the device, although much of this will be familiar to Android users.

It's not a big device, similar in size to the Dell Streak and offering what appears to be a 5-inch screen.

India's $35 tablet

The front of the device appears to have a D-Pad like wheel and two other buttons, there is also a soft home button.

India $35 tablet - side

The side has a mini-USB, what appears to be a 3.5-inch audio jack, a power button and what possibly could be SIM slots and/or memory card slots.

India tablet - home screen

The home screen is the familiar Android home screen, bringing the kind of functions that you would expert from a portable device, including a browser and messenger.

India tablet docs

Docs are available on the device, with a stylus being used for the first time.

India tablet virtual keyboard

The virtual keyboard will be a vital part of the device, and the diminutive size means that it may not be an easy task to type. More smartphone than iPad.

India tablet - apps

There also appears to be a separate apps folder allowing you access to other functions.

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