Currys and PC World predict autumn UK release for Kindle Fire

Currys and PC World predict autumn UK release for Kindle Fire
Is the Kindle Fire this way coming?

Currys and PC World are predicting the Kindle Fire and a 'Mystery Apple product' will launch in the UK this year.

The two retailers, both part of the Dixons Retail group, have released their annual top tech Christmas gifts (in July, as you do) and the Kindle Fire makes a rather surprising entry at number 6 given that it isn't actually on sale in the UK.

There's no price given for the currently-US-only tablet but the retailers say, "Currys and PC World predict that the Kindle Fire tablet, due to launch late autumn, will become a top bestseller by Christmas."

When we quizzed the company about where it's getting its intel, a spokesperson told us that this autumn release date is what their stock buyers are predicting, although it's not clear whether they mean the original Kindle Fire or the not-yet-official Kindle Fire 2.

Amazon, meanwhile, is getting back to us with its thoughts on the matter, which may not amount to much more than: "we don't comment on speculation" - but we'll let you know either way.

More mysteries

Also in the top ten line-up is a "mystery Apple product" which we take to mean the iPhone 5 or possibly the oft-rumoured iPad Mini, both of which are suspected to be making a October debut.

Unsurprisingly, Apple tops the pops with the new iPad 3, with Kindle and the Google Nexus 7 rounding out the top three.

And fans of home economics will be thrilled to find that there's a Krups coffee machine, Dyson vacuum cleaner and Tefal Actifry all in the chart too – someone somewhere is going to have a rocking Christmas.

Here's the full chart, in case you want to just print it out and distribute it among your loved ones now so they have plenty of time to save up.

Currys PC World Christmas Chart

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