Asus already sold out of Google Nexus 7 dock in UK

ASUS already sold out of Google Nexus 7 dock in UK
More Nexus 7 docks are coming soon, says ASUS

Google Nexus 7 owners were forced to wait months for the long-promised docking station for their prized 7-inch tablet and, as a result, have wasted no time in exhausting ASUS' initial stockpiles.

The dock went on sale at the official ASUS online store for £24.99 earlier this month, following its official launch at the CES expo.

The manufacturer has confirmed to Pocket-Lint that all current supplies have already been extinguised, but promised more are on the way.

An ASUS representative said: "It's sold out already, but more stock should be landing shortly."

Viewing angle

The dock features a USB charging port as well as an audio out and enables the tablet to be displayed at a neat viewing angle when sat on a desktop or coffee table.

As well as a dock for the award-winning Nexus 7 tablet, a station for the larger Nexus 10 is also thought to be on the way.

A festively-themed Android promotional video showed off both the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 docks before their official announcements

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