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Samsung, Corning opening a new factory for laptop displays

Are more durable screens the future for Samsung's ultrabook?
Are more durable screens the future for Samsung's ultrabook?

Samsung and Corning joined forces to build a new manufacturing plant in China.

The $600 million facility is still missing a few final signatures before it's official, but should begin construction in China's Wuxi New District later this year.

Once complete, the plant will make TFT-LCD glass screens, the kind used most commonly on laptops and LCD monitors.

Samsung and Corning have had a long partnership for LCD displays, including the joint company Samsung Corning Precision Materials Co Ltd, which has a plant in South Korea.

One of the goals of the new factory will be to reduce the strain on that joint Korean venture, instead shifting much of the workload to China.

Are more durable notebooks on the way?

Corning is perhaps best known for its Gorilla Glass screens, which are a popular feature on various smartphones and tablets due to their high durability.

It's still unknown whether the new factory will be involved in Gorilla Glass production.

Gorilla Glass was never a part of production from the South Korean factory, which instead dealt primarily with slim Eagle XG glass displays.

However, with a new factory comes an opportunity to introduce new manufacturing techniques, which could open the door to more durable Gorilla Glass protecting the next line of Samsung laptops.