Mint Mobile launches one-day only 25-year phone plan deal for 'Bobby Bonilla' day

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Mint Mobile is no stranger to high-profile ad campaigns, but its latest one might just be the strangest one yet. To celebrate 'Bobby Bonilla Day' Mint Mobile has decided to offer its own 25-year prepaid plan for $100 a year

Yes, that's $2,500 upfront for a 25-year 4GB plan, which averages out to $8.33 a month. For comparison's sake, a usual Mint Mobile plan would set you back $180 upfront for the yearly $15 a month plan, which means you're technically saving money if you're in it for the long run.

In case you didn't get it, this plan is a reference to The Mets baseball pro's own infamous buy-out contract where he negotiated a yearly payout over 25-years. While we're sure that was a good deal for him, we're not too sure this particular cell phone plan might be a good deal for you. Well, unless you want to pay for your plan and forgot about it for a very long time indeed that is.

Either way, Mint Mobile is one of the best prepaid phone plans on the market right now, so we definitely recommend checking it out - even if you don't sign up for 25 years. We've got a full run-down of its usual monthly prices just down below. 

The Mint Mobile 'Bobby Bonilla' phone plan...

Mint Mobile: 25 year 4GB plan for $100/year

Mint Mobile: 25 year 4GB plan for $100/year
Available today only
is a special one-off Mint Mobile plan for those who are in it for the long run... to say the very least. Purchase the 'Bobby Bonilla' plan upfront for $2,500 and you'll have the 4GB Mint Mobile plan for a whole 25 years. Yes, that's averaging out to $100 a year or $8.33 a month - almost half the price of the usual $15 a month you'd pay for the equivalent yearly plan. Of course, you'll have to be committed.

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