Save up to $500 with these iPad deals in the post Labor Day sales

Labor Day sales iPad deals
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There's a massive selection of iPad deals still available after the Labor Day sales have come to an end, so you've still got a chance to pick up a steal of a price on Apple's range of luxury tablets. Those offers aren't just cutting prices, either - you can even bag yourself some free gear at the same time, like Audio Technica earbuds and the pricey iPad Pro Magic Keyboard. 

The cheapest iPad deal you'll find this week comes in at just $349, on the latest iPad Mini 5. With a $50 discount this smaller everyday device is back down to its lowest price of all time, so you're picking up an excellent offer on the usual $399 MSRP. However, if you're shopping for an iPad Pro there are even bigger savings up for grabs right now. 

The cheapest iPad Pro deal today is this $799 12.9-inch model. We've seen sales put this model at around $899 before, but with a full $350 off this is a standout iPad deal if you're looking for the big screen experience but don't need too much storage. 

If you are going to be using your iPad Pro for gaming or bigger apps like Adobe, for example, we'd point you towards this $500 saving on the 1TB model that also adds Audio Technica earbuds to the mix (worth $249.99 by themselves). You're only paying $1,199 for this top of the range iPad, making it an excellent proposition for anyone looking for more power under the hood. 

We're rounding up these iPad deals just below, but you'll find plenty more iPad Pro deals right here on TechRadar as well. Stay tuned for more information on the next big one - Black Friday 2020

This week's best iPad deals

Apple iPad Mini 5 - 64GB: $399 $349.99 at Amazon

Apple iPad Mini 5 - 64GB: $399 $349.99 at Amazon
Grab the iPad Mini 5 for just $349 at Amazon right now, that's a $50 saving bringing the smaller device back down to its lowest price ever. You'll also find a $50 price cut available on the 256GB model, bringing it down to just $499.99 right now.


2019 10.2-inch iPad - 128GB: $429 $399.98 at Amazon
If you're after a cheap iPad, you'll be happy to find this $20 discount on the 128GB version of the 10.2-inch 2019 model. That's perfect if you want to use your new iPad for work or school, with Apple Pencil and smart connectors for compatible keyboards as well.


2018 12.9-inch iPad Pro Wifi + Cellular - 64GB | $1,149 $799 at B&H Photo
Linked here is the 64GB iPad Pro, but you'll find configurations on this page taking you right up to 1TB of storage space with big savings to match. If you're just looking for a cheaper model, however, this is a great shout - or you can upgrade to 256GB for $1,299 $929.


2018 12.9-inch iPad Pro WiFi + Cellular - 1TB | Audio Technica earbuds | $1,699 $1,199 at B&H Photo
There's a $500 saving on this iPad Pro deal that also includes a pair of Audio Technica true wireless earbuds worth $249.99. That's an excellent offer if you're one to plug in while working, and you're getting a great amount of storage space here as well.


2018 12.9-inch iPad Pro WiFi + Cellular - 256GB | Magic Keyboard | $1,648 $1,278 at B&H Photo
Grab a 2018 iPad Pro with a Magic Keyboard included for $1,278 in B&H Photo's iPad sales. There's 256GB of storage in here - plenty of space for all your schoolwork with enough to spare for games and streaming.

More iPad Pro deals

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