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iPhone X owners can now watch HDR YouTube videos

Owners of the iPhone X can now enjoy HDR YouTube videos on their flashly smartphones after the feature rolled out quietly to the handset.

There's not been any formal announcement from either Apple or YouTube, but iPhone X users took to the MacRumors forum and then Reddit to report the new playback option within the YouTube app.

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To take advantage of the improved viewing experience you'll need to tap anywhere on the HDR video you're viewing, then tap the three dot icon in the corner of the screen and select 'Quality'. From there you'll be able to choose from various HDR resolutions.

Lower resolutions will use less data and load quicker with less buffering - great for poor signal areas - but for the best viewing experience you'll want to select the highest resolution possible.

No iPad love yet

The iPhone X isn't the only Apple device with a HDR-enabled display, but the new iPad Pro models don't appear to have been given the same treatment from YouTube just yet.

It's surely only a matter of time though, so if you do own one of the latest iPad Pros you'll want to keep an eye on the 'Quality' setting in the app.

Via MacRumors