iPhone SE deals: get a free pair of Airpods with a £22 a month contract

iPhone SE deals
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Yes, we know...refurbished isn't always the most appealing option when it comes to getting a new phone, but stop picturing a busted up handset and instead expect a good as new device.

That's what Mobiles.co.uk is offering with Grade A listed and warranty covered iPhone SE deals. Aside from the obvious benefit of cheaper bills, this refurbished phone comes with the added positive of having a free pair of Airpods tacked on.

So how much are you actually paying? This plan comes in at £22 a month and £150 upfront. That puts this at a pretty normal price tag for the iPhone SE, making the free Airpods and 6GB of data available especially rewarding.

There is however a limited stock with this device so you'll need to get in there quick. If you find it out of stock, make sure you check all the other colours first to make sure it is completely out.

iPhone SE deals + free AirPods:

iPhone SE 2020: Vodafone | 24 months | 6GB data| £150 upfront | £22 per month + free Airpods

iPhone SE 2020: Vodafone | 24 months | 6GB data| £150 upfront | £22 per month + free Airpods
There's a lot to love here - cheap bills, a decent amount of data and a pair of Airpods at no extra costs being the highlights. However, this is a refurbished device and therefore you'll need to decide whether that's a major factor for you. Considering how new this phone is, it is likely to simply have been returned within a 30 day warranty period.

Is the new iPhone SE a good phone?

The iPhone SE strives in its ability to be one of the best cheap iPhones we've seen in a while. It takes the iPhone 8 model, puts a slightly higher price on it but whacks the specs way up into 2020.

4K video, Apple's super-powered A13 Bionic, wireless charging, an increased battery and an IP67 rating feature amongst the more impressive features of this device. To lower the price however, Apple has gone back to the design of the iPhone 8, brought the camera lenses down to just one and dropped the screen quality.

Overall, this falls in place as the best budget device Apple has out, coming way under its more recent devices in price but offering some impressive specs to out-do the iPhone 8, 7 and other such devices.

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