iPhone 14 tipped to arrive with a 'complete redesign' next year

iPhone 13
The iPhone 13. (Image credit: TechRadar)

The iPhone 13 is here, so there's no need to delay in predicting what might be coming with the iPhone 14 next year – and according to one particularly well-placed source, a 'complete redesign' is on the way for Apple's flagship phone in 2022.

Well-known Apple tipster Mark Gurman of Bloomberg made the prediction in his regular Power On newsletter. Gurman doesn't always get everything right in terms of leaks and rumors, but his inside information is usually more accurate than most.

Gurman says that the iterative update that we saw with the iPhones this year is giving Apple engineers the time to work on more dramatic updates for next year. The mini model is apparently getting cut, but four phones will remain: the regular iPhone 14, two iPhone 14 Pros, and an iPhone 14 Max.

Going notch-free

According to Gurman, the iPhone 14 redesign is going to see the iconic iPhone notch ditched in favor of a punch hole selfie camera that takes up much less room on screen. It seems we'll have to keep waiting for an under-display camera from Apple then.

This tip-off about a redesign isn't completely new: other reputable sources have said that's the way that Apple is going to go when it comes to the aesthetics of the iPhone 14. The full notch is no longer needed, so it's getting cut.

We don't get much more detail about what else might be changing when it comes to the looks of the iPhone 14, but expect to hear more rumors and speculation – and maybe a few leaked renders as well – in the months leading up to the launch.

Opinion: it's time for the iPhone to innovate again

Rear of the Pixel 6 Pro showing the camera bar and lock key

The Google Pixel 6 Pro. (Image credit: Google)

This unconfirmed news about a significant iPhone 14 redesign comes from a notable source, and the fact that it's backed up by other rumors means that we're taking it seriously. It also makes sense considering that the iPhone 13 was quite a minor upgrade, especially in terms of its appearance.

To be honest it doesn't feel as though Apple has done much in recent years with the iPhone, besides giving it faster internal components and bumping up the camera quality. Now there's a good argument to be made that the iPhone formula doesn't need to be messed with, but smartphone buyers also like to see innovation.

Both Samsung (and apparently Google) are pushing ahead with foldable phone form factors, and that's something that Apple is going to want to get involved in sooner rather than later. We've heard that a foldable iPhone is on the way, but it's not clear when.

Meanwhile we know that the Google Pixel 6 is going to launch with a dramatically different look to normal – at least on the back. Apple shouldn't get complacent about the look and feel of the iPhone as smartphones continue to evolve, and we'd very much welcome an iPhone 14 that offers something a little bit different in 2022.

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