iOS 14 may make finding that next addictive podcast much easier

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It's a matter of hours until we hear about iOS 14 at Apple's WWDC 2020 keynote, and one of the latest leaks we've seen has suggested there may be vast improvements to the way the Podcasts app works.

The Apple Podcasts app is one of the most popular ways of listening to audio shows (for those with an iPhone) and a recent leak from sources speaking to 9To5Mac has suggested it'll be becoming more like Apple Music.

According to the leak, there's a new 'For You' tab that will be coming in the next big software upgrade to recommend shows to you based on what you've listened to in the past.

This is something a variety of music providers have managed to do, but it hasn't yet been a feature included in many podcasting apps. This may make it even easier to find podcasts similar to the ones you like to listen by using data of shows you've liked in the past.

The same source also says there will be a new way to follow your friends to see what they're listening to as well, so you can further expand your listening and work out new shows you want to try.

On top of all this, Apple may also be introducing a new feature where podcasters can include exclusive content just for the audience that listens on iOS. That would allow the content to sit separately to the episodes, but still be easily available in the feed.

If podcast makers take up the offer, that may give more reason for listeners to use the Podcasts app rather than third-party iOS alternatives or the variety of platforms that Android users have.

It's currently unclear if these features would also come to iPadOS 14, but considering the software is so similar across both platforms we'd expect it to also be on your Apple tablet.

None of this information is certain yet as it has all come from leaks, but 9To5Mac has been right on this sort of thing before so we are confidently expecting to hear some information about improvements to Podcasts at WWDC 2020.

Other rumors suggest there will be new ways to use Widgets on your homescreen within iOS 14, while another rumor suggests it'll actually be renamed iPhone OS to better sit alongside iPadOS 14 and watchOS 7.

The WWDC 2020 keynote begins Monday, June 22 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 6PM BST or 3AM AEST on June 23. We'll have a live blog running on TechRadar, so be sure to check that out during the event.

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